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Choosing from home

We specialise in making bespoke jewellery from twigs you've collected from a location special to you, weather it be where you got engaged, first date, a location that you visited as a child. You're twigs and pebbles collected from memorable places and turned into beautiful Woodland Treasures will be treasured forever.  

Here’s our guide on how to design or choose a ring from home.  Most of our customers do so, and we like to think we make the process just as fun and informative as it would be here in our workshop.

So, to get you started, we have put together this little guide that covers the elements we go through during a workshop visit. From the basics of choosing the right width of ring, how to chose your twig.  We hope you find it helpful, and remember, we are only a call or email away.  

Where to start......

It may seem a little overwhelming, but lots of these steps do come quite naturally.  Begin by getting an idea of what you would like. Once you have a rough idea of the style of twig ring you would like, things to think about are:

  • Metal

  • Profile

  • Width

  • Shape

  • Stone/s

  • Budget

The Basics, Metal.  What’s your favourite colour?

Different metals are different colours, weight and strength. We won’t go into great detail in this post, but here are some guides:

Almost all our rings can be made in sterling silver and any carrot of gold.  Silver is the most budget friendly precious metal. However, it is also the softest making it less durable.  Gold comes in different carats and colours. The higher the carat, the heavier and also more expensive it is.


Our rings fall mostly into two categories: D shaped or round.  Choosing the shape of your ring is based on look and feel.


You may already have a preference for chunky or dainty jewellery. That is a good place to start. If trying a selection of rings on isn’t an option, a good exercise can be done with twigs or paper. Cut a few strips of paper in different widths and see how they look on your hand. While it is very rudimentary it’s actually quite effective!


When choosing a ring, it’s good practice to have guide prices for the pieces that are catching your eye. If you have a set budget, mention it to us. We always strive to work within our customers budget and can often offer suggestions on variations to reduce cost. Ultimately we want you to end up with a ring that suits you, your lifestyle and your wallet.

Ring Size

Ring sizing is tricky. Most fingers change shape and fluctuate in size throughout the day and different temperatures. If you have a ring that fits – that is perfect! We can take the size from it. If you have never worn a ring and have no clue on your size, we’d recommend ordering a set of ring sizers online (sadly we don’t have enough sets to send to everyone!). Choose a set that is made from a hard material, anything flexible won’t give you an accurate size. Also try to choose sizers that are a similar width to the ring you would like.  We are always happy to help over the phone. 

Personalisation – Own twig

You can actually send us your own twigs! It’s a lovely way of adding a unique and personal touch.

Perhaps your partner proposed to you in the park? Your ring could be cast with the vary same twig from that tree.  Read about how to chose the perfect twig in our bespoke service page.

The lovely thing about our jewellery is that at a glance your ring may look like a simple band; however, when you look closely, you can make out the subtle texture of the twig. 


Gemstones are a great way of adding a bit of sparkle or colour to your ring.  They can also be very symbolic, such as adding birthstones to represent loved ones. This is a lovely touch if you have kids, as a way of including them in your design.  Gemstones can be added to your ring design is a variety of styles, from a simple cast in situ setting (sapphires only) to a claw setting. Other options include a starry scatter of stones around the ring or little bead set diamonds in the crevices of the twig.

We would love to hear your story.