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The Oak tree is a symbol of strength, morale, resistance and knowledge, they feed various living creatures with their leaves and acorns, and in the early days humans built their homes, created tools and constructed strong ships from oak wood and it is still one of the crucial sources of raw material in our modern time. 

I choose the Great Oak because it is an emblem of strength and survival.

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  1. Oak Leaf Studs - medium
  2. Silver and Gold Oak twig ring with Emerald
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  4. Oak Twig Ring with Rough Sapphire
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  6. Oak twig ring with leaf shaped Sapphire
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  7. Oak twig Gold ring with Rough Diamond
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  10. Oak Leaf Studs - medium


  • Excellent service. Received a heart pendant when I had my daughter with fingerprint, hand print and date of birth. Had a keyring as a gift for my husband when we had our little boy with both kids handprint on. Love them and in the process of ordering another with my son’s prints.Great customer service - highly recommended.


  • Bethan has provided the most amazing personal service during a difficult time. Nothing was too much and Bethan has gone above and beyond to ensure that I have received the most gorgeous fingerprint charms just in time for which I am beyond thankful for! I will definitely be back and have already recommended Bethan to several friends!

    Alex Davison

  • Memory maker I have a special brooch full of my grandchildren's hand/foot prints, Bethan worked very hard to complete 4 charms and attach them to the brooch. At this time my daughter had lost a baby and Bethan also worked on a very special pendant using hand and footprints from the hospital. Bethan is very friendly and approachable and obviously very knowledgeable about her craft, thanks Bethan


  • The very best!! My first order was finger print charms for my two dogs Alfie and Max about 4 years ago, then 3 years ago I ordered another charm when my daughter Kaitlyn was born and recently ordered another charm for my latest rescue dog Kiwi! They all match perfectly and look as good as they did on the day they arrive. Not only are the products of excellent quality the customer service is warm and welcoming and nothing is too much trouble. Bethan is my jeweller for life! Thank you!

    Steph Tucker