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Diamonds & Gemstones

 The diamonds we use fall into at least one of the following categories:

Antique Diamonds

We use antique or ‘old cut’ diamonds wherever we can.  Antique diamonds are rescued from historical jewellery by our suppliers who are based in London. There is no way of knowing their exact provenance, but identifiable markers in their shape and facets point to the timeframe in which they were cut. They pre-date the commercial certification categories of the 4C’s and were valued for their unique beauty.

Before the mass production of stones cut to precise specifications, diamonds were all cut individually by hand, making each one completely unique. Cut to show-off their beauty under candlelight, they emit a delicate and understated sparkle. Our diamonds date back to the Georgian and Victorian eras; each carrying a unique history, while showcasing the diamond cutter’s skill and craftsmanship. They are the perfect choice for those who appreciate craft and heritage.

Rough Diamonds

A raw, or rough, diamond is the precious mineral in its most natural state - uncut, in its pure form as created by the environmental forces of nature. By leaving the stone uncut, we are leaving it as a true expression of itself.

Coloured Diamonds

A diamonds natural hue can range from colourless (or white), through to beautiful tones of yellow, grey, brown (or champagne), and even pink. We favour a palette of tones on the spectrum of yellow through to brown. The colour is a result of trace elements present during the formation of the stones, completely natural and, for us, a celebration of the wonder of nature. Many of our coloured diamonds are used in their raw state.

Hand Cut Diamonds

We work with the last hand cutting Diamond cutter to cut diamonds entirely by hand in the UK: a lady called Ilana Belsky of Belsky Diamonds Ltd.  Freeform diamond cuts and challenging the status quo in how diamonds ‘should’ look.




We use only precious gemstones that are mined from the earth or vintage recycled gemstones, we do not use synthetic gemstones.  We mostly use sapphires, rubies and garnets purchased from reputable UK suppliers.   We also use rough gemstones, especially Australian rough sapphires that can be found in our Gemstone jewellery collection