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The process

Hand made in our workshop in Wales

Jewellery process


The process is simple and straightforward!

After you purchase one of our jewellery, we will send out a kit. The kit includes everything you need to take the impression. This shouldn't take more than a few minutes of your time. If you have a fidgety child/baby, we suggest you wait until they are is asleep to make the impression.

Once the impression is made, send it back to us in the pre-paid envelope provided and we do the rest! 

How to find your ring size guide

When measuring your ring size there are a few things to consider

  • Fingers will change size slightly throughout the day.  Temperature and physical activity all have an effect.

  • Do not measure your ring size whilst your hands are cold, as your fingers can be up to half a size smaller at this time.

  • A ring with a wider band will feel a little tighter than a fine ring, therefore we always recommend buying a size larger than your usual ring size.

  • Your ring should feel snug enough when you wear it that it won’t fall off, but still be able to fit over your knuckle when you take it off.

  • The best way by far to get most accurate size is to visit a local jeweller. 

How to measure correct bangle size 

The easiest way to take your bangle size is to measure the inside diameter of an existing bangle.  

If you don't have a bangle to measure then make a fist and measure the length from the outside of the first knuckle to the point between the third and fourth knuckle on the hand the bangle is to be worn on.

Or pop into a jeweller store and ask them to measure.

For Fingerprint Jewellery see below size chart






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