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Rough Sapphire

Rough Sapphire

We love to use the rough parti sapphire in our jewellery, the rough means that this is how they are when they are mined, no treatment, cutting or polishing has taken place.  They are all natural and very beautiful. 

To view the below ring click the link; Alternative engagement ring These are our most popular alternative engagement rings made from oak twigs, just look at the beautiful texture and buds. 

The rough Australian Sapphire is a gemstone that is found in Australia, the other name used for this type of gemstone is a Parti Sapphire, parti sapphires also known as polychrome sapphires, are sapphires that show more than one colour in a single stone.  These one-of-a-kind spectacular colour displays is what makes these stones so difficult to replicate - parti sapphires are 100% natural. 

The parti sapphire is mainly found in Australia but can also be found in Nigeria, Tanzania and Madagascar.    Parti sapphires differ from colour-changing sapphires because the colours of the gem can be seen in any light.

Click on the image below (or on the link) to take you to our Country Girl Rough Sapphire products. 





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