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Farmyard Inspiration

Farmyard Inspiration

The Farmyard collection was created as part of Bethan's final major project in her 3rd year in Uni back in 2015, it is based on fond childhood memories of growing up on her grandparents hill side farm in North Wales.  

Bethan has put her own twist on the classic Gate Bracelet and created and actual Farm Gate Bracelet complete with farmyard animal and farmer clasp.  This has been a favourite since its launch in 2015 and was featured on Fferm Factor a Welsh Agricultural competition on S4C. 

This collection is dedicated to Tecwyn and Doris Roberts of Gaerwen Farm, Rhostryfan.     


Bethan's favourite piece from the collection is the Farmyard gate bracelet which consists of up to three farmyard animals; (pigs, horses, cows, sheep or sheepdog), and a farmer clasp, it is a contemporary twist to the Classic Gate bracelet.  

Here is a photo of her late grandfather with his trusted Welsh sheep dog's Taff and Trim and a local sheep dog trials where he was highly regarded trainer of sheep dogs. 


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