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Katie & Arron

Katie & Arron

Arron got in touch as he wanted a special gift for his wife on their 10 year wedding anniversary.

Arron got in touch as he wanted a special gift for his wife on their 10 year wedding anniversary.
"OK then, where do I start, the beginning I guess...
I went to Bethan Jarvis Jewellery as I had seen her work before. This was for a 10th wedding anniversary gift to my wife, so it had to be special.
It is all so exquisite that there wasn't anyone that I wanted to make the ring but Bethan. I left it very late to design what I wanted, I spoke to Bethan about what I would like and she came up with ideas that I would never have dreamed of, she did say that the date of when I needed it was quite touch and go and that she would do as her best to get it ready, and she did just that, the hours that she spent on it was phenomenal, all because she wanted me to have the ring on the date I asked.
Bethan was in regular contact me with how the design and build of the ring was going and was always reassuring that it would be ready in time.
Bethan messaged me, as planned to say that the ring was ready and for me to collect on the date I wanted, I genuinely couldn't believe it, and when I saw it, I thought to myself, how? How have you made this in such a short space of time, and of such quality, there was and is no, "that will do attitude" with what she makes, I was completely blown away with how it looked, how it was presented and the service I received.
If you want a bespoke, meaningful item of jewellery, that is painstakingly made with such attention to detail and no doubt pride, go to Bethan Jarvis Jewellery, I'm so glad I did."
Arron Cox

"I never knew a piece of jewellery could mean so much to me than this. They say diamonds are a girls best friend, but when filled with sentiment they mean so much more. Thank you so much"

Katie Cox
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