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Grow your own oak tree

Grow your own oak tree

This year has seen much less acorns, therefore we have decided not to offer the 'grow your own oak tree' as a free gift as we think that the squirrels will need them more than us. 

Hopefully next year we will have a more fruitful Autumn. 

With every purchase of our oak woodland themed jewellery we include a ‘grow your own oak tree’ pack which includes everything you need to start growing your very own oak tree.  When the time arrives, all you need to do is transfer it to a suitable location, or you could transfer it to a larger pot and keep it outside for few years before taking it to its final growing place.  An oak tree could remain in a large pot for up to 10 years before needing to plant it in the ground.

Using your special grow your own kit, prepare the planter provided (refer to instructions), place the acorn into the planter ensuring the pointed end is facing upwards and cover with 2-3cm.


To germinate, place the planter in a cool place out of direct sun, such as a garage, shed or unheated spare room.  If it’s too warm, they won’t germinate.


In spring, check if your acorn has started to sprout.  Gently water the tiny seedling once or twice a week to prevent the planter from becoming dry


Re-pot your acorn; when your seedling is 25cm high, transfer it to a larger pot.  After one or two years the young tree will be ready to plant in the ground.


Other native British trees that are easy to grow from seed include hazel, alder and beech.  Plant them in autumn as above.


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